27 March 2010

sneak peek.

 so....  we haven't decided on pricing or the name 
{a toss up between "the label", very original i know, and "forget me nots"}.  
however, i'm having so much fun designing these little labels that i thought i would share.

what are they you ask?  custom labels that you can iron on or sew into your belongings.  

p e r f e c t   f o r :
hand me downs especially when you would like special items back
uniforms {school, sports or dance}
family used items such as blankets and strollers
handmade creations
all clothing so they don't get lost at school or daycare
hmmm...  there is probably more.

w h a t   t h e y  l o o k  l i k e :
.75" x 2"...  some samples i made for friends and family.

i'm excited to use them for my family and see what people think!

will figure out the details and take some pictures of them in use soon.

happy weekend!


23 March 2010

for easter.

i absolutely love holidays.   however, there is one thing that i struggle with and that is the insane amount of sugar and candy that is involved.  don't get me wrong, i do love sweets {probably a little too much}. and i have no problem allowing my children to enjoy them on the day of the holiday, but between brunch, dessert, treat bags, etc. there always seems to be more then enough left over.  sometimes it lingers for months before i finally {discretely} throw it out.  not to mention the rationing out and negotiating process that is required when handing it out and how oddly exhausting it is.

so, i am constantly on a quest to find and think up inexpensive, sugarless treats to bless my children with on holidays....    

for their easter "baskets" this year i am planning on including little envelopes with garden seeds and then labeling them with these:
i have yet to have a successful garden, but the kids always have fun digging, planting, watering and then watching for the plants to sprout.  if you would like this free pdf template email me rae@armommy.com and i will send it to you.  {i couldn't figure out how to post a link to it}

i also bought a few inexpensive things at ikea:

an adorable tea set for our little girl.

and a few art supplies for each of the boys.

as long as the plastic eggs are filled with coins and candy i think they will be more then pleased.

if you have any ideas of your own, please share them as a comment....

hope everyone is having a happy tuesday!


15 March 2010

first class.

we are so excited to be offering our first "beginners" sewing class.  we will be covering everything from stitches to buttonholes and zippers.  our project is undecided at the moment but we are thinking of decorative pillows with different finishes, a festive apron, OR a toiletry bag - all using different trims.  maybe we should put it up for a vote!  other details can be found on the above image.  the class doors will open 30 minutes prior to class time if you need help setting up your machine, etc.

let us know if you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot.  if the flier is too small to read just click on it.  also, let us know if you would be interested in a weekend class or a class offered in the bellevue area.

have a happy monday . xo . the ARMOMMY team

12 March 2010

our {sort of} poppy flowers are here!

a couple of months ago i posted about making flowers for the lux it studios swag bags and got a huge response from people wanting to get their hands on some!  so, we've answered the cries of the masses....

and these lovely flowers are available for purchase.  
OR you can purchase our template and make them yourself!

size and pricing are as follows:

small{3"} - $7 each or 2 for $12
medium{5"} - $10 each
large{7"} - $12 each
template to make your own {pdf} - $12

you choose the "accessory" that it is attached to:
{included in price.  add $1 for a second accessory}

for adults:  alligator clip, broche pin, hair tie 
for little ones:  nylon headband for baby, child's barrette, alligator clip, hair tie 

choose your color...
yellow, gray, coral, light pink, dark pink {as pictured}, orange, navy blue {as pictured}, light blue {as pictured}, light green {as pictured}, white.

finally, email your order to:
sales@armommy.com or rae@armommy.com

have a blessed day!

06 March 2010

where the rubber meets the road.

once upon a time, i was an athlete and i loved it.  growing up i spent most of my spare time playing outside...  soccer, basketball, skiing, and running with my dad {a marathon runner}.  i went on to play division I soccer for a short time before having my son, austin.  even as a working student and single mom i found ways to fit workouts into my day {with the help of my trusty jogging stroller}. now and days however, not so much.  somewhere between getting married, having baby no. 2 and 3, a desire to be more domestic and starting a new business i let go of something that, as studies will tell you, relieves stress, increases energy, burns fat, helps you sleep, etc., etc.

up until a few months ago i was okay with that.  now it's starting to bug me, but not enough for me to change my schedule.  even after having a long conversation with a good friend who offered me some well needed encouragement i was only able to fit two runs in the following week.  better then nothing but i started to wonder,  what will push me over the edge?  what more do i need?  so, a couple days later, instead of  working during nap time i started looking for some motivation and came across some things that might help....
like remembering how much i love me some competition and getting a little dirty.

knowing that i will have more energy to play and have fun with my family.

jane fonda and leg warmers.  need i say more?

the awesome stories behind the biggest loser contestants.

jogging skirts are really cute.

celebs are doing it.

and finally, there are some seriously stylish fitness digs out there.  so even if, somedays, working out meant sacrificing a shower until bedtime, my husband would still come home to one hot mama.

now that i've put that out there, i'll let you know how it goes this weekend and next week.  feel free to do the same or share your secrets or stuggles with "fitting it all in"!

peace out . rae . vp + mom . rae@armommy.com

03 March 2010


one of my favorite parts of owning a company {particularly one that creates products} is that we are given so many opportunities to support not.for.profit organizations.  such as this gift certificate above that i just sent to windermere professional partners.  they are raising money for a performing arts center in hilltop called D A S H {stands for DANCING . ACTING . SINGING . + HARMONY}.   their mission is to "provide quality performing arts instruction, education and mentoring to the underserved communities and lower income families of tacoma - pierce county, offering programs to directly counteract gang + drug influences and empower inner city youth through honesty, positivity, + creativity."   fantastic, right!?

the DASH center has successfully helped many kids stay out of gangs and gives them something to do after school and on weekends.  there are certain criteria required to be in the program such as: maintaining a minimum 2.5 gpa and involvement in at least 4 community service projects each year.  for more info you can visit www.thedashcenter.org .  

the event is tomorrow evening at tower lanes in tacoma, and i am praying that the youth, family and adults involved in DASH will be greatly impacted by the funds raised and overwhelmingly blessed!

i think {actually, i know} i am a late getting the event info on our blog, but on the off-chance that there are still tickets you can email jalexander@windermere.com if you are interested in helping out this great cause!

xoxo . rae . vp + mom . armomy