06 March 2010

where the rubber meets the road.

once upon a time, i was an athlete and i loved it.  growing up i spent most of my spare time playing outside...  soccer, basketball, skiing, and running with my dad {a marathon runner}.  i went on to play division I soccer for a short time before having my son, austin.  even as a working student and single mom i found ways to fit workouts into my day {with the help of my trusty jogging stroller}. now and days however, not so much.  somewhere between getting married, having baby no. 2 and 3, a desire to be more domestic and starting a new business i let go of something that, as studies will tell you, relieves stress, increases energy, burns fat, helps you sleep, etc., etc.

up until a few months ago i was okay with that.  now it's starting to bug me, but not enough for me to change my schedule.  even after having a long conversation with a good friend who offered me some well needed encouragement i was only able to fit two runs in the following week.  better then nothing but i started to wonder,  what will push me over the edge?  what more do i need?  so, a couple days later, instead of  working during nap time i started looking for some motivation and came across some things that might help....
like remembering how much i love me some competition and getting a little dirty.

knowing that i will have more energy to play and have fun with my family.

jane fonda and leg warmers.  need i say more?

the awesome stories behind the biggest loser contestants.

jogging skirts are really cute.

celebs are doing it.

and finally, there are some seriously stylish fitness digs out there.  so even if, somedays, working out meant sacrificing a shower until bedtime, my husband would still come home to one hot mama.

now that i've put that out there, i'll let you know how it goes this weekend and next week.  feel free to do the same or share your secrets or stuggles with "fitting it all in"!

peace out . rae . vp + mom . rae@armommy.com

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