27 March 2010

sneak peek.

 so....  we haven't decided on pricing or the name 
{a toss up between "the label", very original i know, and "forget me nots"}.  
however, i'm having so much fun designing these little labels that i thought i would share.

what are they you ask?  custom labels that you can iron on or sew into your belongings.  

p e r f e c t   f o r :
hand me downs especially when you would like special items back
uniforms {school, sports or dance}
family used items such as blankets and strollers
handmade creations
all clothing so they don't get lost at school or daycare
hmmm...  there is probably more.

w h a t   t h e y  l o o k  l i k e :
.75" x 2"...  some samples i made for friends and family.

i'm excited to use them for my family and see what people think!

will figure out the details and take some pictures of them in use soon.

happy weekend!



  1. these are so cute...i love the made by ones! adorable.