23 March 2010

for easter.

i absolutely love holidays.   however, there is one thing that i struggle with and that is the insane amount of sugar and candy that is involved.  don't get me wrong, i do love sweets {probably a little too much}. and i have no problem allowing my children to enjoy them on the day of the holiday, but between brunch, dessert, treat bags, etc. there always seems to be more then enough left over.  sometimes it lingers for months before i finally {discretely} throw it out.  not to mention the rationing out and negotiating process that is required when handing it out and how oddly exhausting it is.

so, i am constantly on a quest to find and think up inexpensive, sugarless treats to bless my children with on holidays....    

for their easter "baskets" this year i am planning on including little envelopes with garden seeds and then labeling them with these:
i have yet to have a successful garden, but the kids always have fun digging, planting, watering and then watching for the plants to sprout.  if you would like this free pdf template email me rae@armommy.com and i will send it to you.  {i couldn't figure out how to post a link to it}

i also bought a few inexpensive things at ikea:

an adorable tea set for our little girl.

and a few art supplies for each of the boys.

as long as the plastic eggs are filled with coins and candy i think they will be more then pleased.

if you have any ideas of your own, please share them as a comment....

hope everyone is having a happy tuesday!


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  1. I love the seed idea so much. I wish I had read this before easter!