03 March 2010


one of my favorite parts of owning a company {particularly one that creates products} is that we are given so many opportunities to support not.for.profit organizations.  such as this gift certificate above that i just sent to windermere professional partners.  they are raising money for a performing arts center in hilltop called D A S H {stands for DANCING . ACTING . SINGING . + HARMONY}.   their mission is to "provide quality performing arts instruction, education and mentoring to the underserved communities and lower income families of tacoma - pierce county, offering programs to directly counteract gang + drug influences and empower inner city youth through honesty, positivity, + creativity."   fantastic, right!?

the DASH center has successfully helped many kids stay out of gangs and gives them something to do after school and on weekends.  there are certain criteria required to be in the program such as: maintaining a minimum 2.5 gpa and involvement in at least 4 community service projects each year.  for more info you can visit www.thedashcenter.org .  

the event is tomorrow evening at tower lanes in tacoma, and i am praying that the youth, family and adults involved in DASH will be greatly impacted by the funds raised and overwhelmingly blessed!

i think {actually, i know} i am a late getting the event info on our blog, but on the off-chance that there are still tickets you can email jalexander@windermere.com if you are interested in helping out this great cause!

xoxo . rae . vp + mom . armomy

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