09 October 2010


s u p e r   c h e a p   m e a n s   s o u p e r   w e e k !

I can’t think of a more economical meal than soup.  And here are the top 5 reasons why:
(1) soup provides a hearty, nearly complete meal . (2)  the cost for protein is lower and nutritional value is high (you can easily feed a family of 4 with only 2 chicken breasts, unlike the 4 chicken breasts required for a meat and potatoes type meal) . (3) soup is easy to freeze; be sure to freeze some single serving sizes for after practice or before a meeting saving $$ on fast food . (4) many of the ingredients in  soup are stock-up items you can find at great prices and always have on hand. (5) soup is the easiest recipe to substitute ingredients making good use of vegetables that need to be used up or using veggies your family likes better than the one in the recipe

You will notice that there are no cream soups and that is because they do not freeze well and those soups you want to eat up soon after they are made.  Also, I know you are not going to make soup 7 nights this week.  But in the fall and winter having soup a couple of times a week is easy on the budget and great on the tummy.  So here are 7 soups to try over the next few weeks as the weather gets cooler.

m.  chili
tues.  chicken, potato and black bean
w. granny’s sausage and bean
thur. chicken and barley stew
f. minestrone
sat. spicy vegetable lentil
sun. farmer’ market soup

click on the recipe cards to print or copy and paste them into a document to print.
let me know if you have any trouble and as always, we would love to hear what you think of tgiff.

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now for some pumpkin buckle.  if you enjoy pumpkin spice latte's you will fall in love with this dessert.

blessings . jane . vp + gamma . armommy


  1. found you from Jones Design Company....

    so glad to be here!

    Love your stuff...can't wait to browse around!

  2. GIRL, you and I are thinking alike! ;) i'm getting ready to do a soup post, and will link to all your cutie pie recipes!

  3. i love soup. thanks for these great sounding recipes.

    and pumpkin buckle?!?!? are you kidding me? yum. yum. yum. on my list for next week!

  4. ladies, thanks so much for your sweet comments! xo

  5. I just found your blog through Jones Design and am LOVIN' it! :) Can't wait to try these recipes and your crafts look so fun. Thanks for the inspirations!