11 October 2010

mask template.

we decide that our little heros needed masks.

so, we bring you:

i grabbed this felt

and some elastic from the fabric store.

then we made these templates

i think this will be our after-nap activity.  if i get a chance, i'll post pictures on our facebook page.  if you have done any of our projects, know that we LOVE to see pictures of your creations {and your little ones}!  you can email them to me or post them on facebook.

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also, you should pop on over to see emily at jones design company. ... 
we did a guest post {tutorial on custom fabric labels} for her today!  
there are also a bazillion other reasons to visit her site.  a very talented lady!

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  1. rae, LOVE your stuff!!! such a fun site, and so glad i could find you through emily.

    thanks for the freebie mask. my little man's turning 4 in november, and we're doing a superhero themed party...definitely going to use the template. prob won't get into all the fabric for all the heros we have coming, but will definitely let them make their own, and then strut their own creative styles during the party. thanks so much!!!

  2. Rae!! How fun is this!! My girlfriend emailed me tonight mentioning that I had to check out JonesDesign. Went there and loved it and then found your adorable blog! I had no idea it was yours, loved all the stuff and then saw you mom's picture in the top right. It was a fun surprise! Your blog is so much fun and I LOVE the super hero cape. Rae, you are so talented. It has been a treat looking at all your creative idea, your eye for things is wonderful! Anyways, I will be checking back for sure! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!
    Steph (Meg's sister) Conniff Tucker