28 October 2010

still here.

hi lovelies. 

we've been mia the last week. 

and i can sincerely say that i've missed it.  

and missed you.

and am hoping that you haven't given up on us.

we have a ton of fun stuff in store.

here is a peek at what we've been up to:

it's birthday week at the friis abode.

this baby girl {trying on her new coat from gamma + papa} turned 2 yesterday.  
she insists that she is three.

so i made her a doll 
{pattern is from a bit of whimsy on etsy - she has tons of cute stuff!}
do you think it looks creepy without facial features?

and some invites.

and some party planning.


this handsome {and pretty amazing} young man will be double digits {sniff, sniff} tomorrow.
so we've been busy with a couple projects for him 
{because he reads this blog, i'll post more later}
and planning for a group of boys to come over and play flag football.  
the details for his party revolve mostly around food and yoder painting football lines in our backyard.  
i love how simple boys at this age are.


i will be thirty-something on sunday...  halloween.

which also means that our home will be pretty {i use that word a lot} happenin' this weekend

so i thought i'd make some pillows

and buy little shades for my highly controversial antler chandy...  still not sure if it looks just right.  might need to change to smaller bulbs and cover the fake candle sticks.  we'll see.

and i've been a slave driver to my husband who has been busy making storage benches

and painting a grip of molding.

he's so good to me.  certainly better then i deserve.

i've also been busy filling orders and designing christmas cards
{you can see some of them on our facebook page}.

that's a good peek for now.

we'll be back tomorrow with food friday.  come back to visit!

xo . rae . vp + mom

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  1. Your bathroom is amazing! I MUST know the colors you used...PRETTY PLEASE!