20 October 2010

messy {day 2} - a means to an end

I am so happy that it is messy week.  It makes me think of all the lovely messes and all the not to lovely messes around my house as my three children (and their 3 dogs) were ever present companions of mine.  

But, there was a last day for everything.  

Let me explain.  Quite a while ago Rae wrote a blog about her quirky sense of fashion when she was young.  She would change her clothes 4 times a day and she wore half of everything she owned in each outfit.  No one could layer like Rae.  It was a near constant source of frustration and entertainment.  And it was made a mess, everyday.  Then one day (really, one day) she dressed herself reasonably and went about her business. At first I was relieved.  Then I was lonely.  

There will be a day that is the last day your child will want to finger paint with you, bake cookies with you, watch a movie and eat popcorn with you.  It really does happen.  And somehow those messes just don’t seem as important anymore.  

So what is it we want to teach our children?  
We don’t want just random meaningless messes all the time either.  

When Rae and her brothers were growing up we had a paper on the refrigerator that said the following:  We as a family have these goals:  1) to know and to serve Jesus, 2) to develop Godly character, 3) to pursue excellence in worthwhile endeavors, and 4) to build and preserve significant relationships.  I like those, a lot.  I heard someone just a couple of days ago say that the 5 rules in their family were:  1) know God, 2) family first, 3) work hard, 4) tell the truth, and 5) have fun.  Wow, now that is a family mission statement.  

What would make your top 5??  

What messy activities you do with children?

We would love to know!

jane .  president + gamma . armommy

thanks mom!  what a good reminder!

if you would like to write your family goals on a cute {if i do say so myself!} note card, you can copy and paste or click and then print the below image.

if you have trouble and would like it as a pdf, feel free to send me an email.

wishing you a perfectly messy day.  rae. 


  1. Sharae20.10.10

    so I teared up a little at the lonely part, when my child will not longer want to...{fill in the blank}. Good reminder to just be present everyday, hard to do sometimes, but yes, it will end sometime.

  2. i LOVE this post :) messes are hard for me (i like things neat) but i'm trying to remember that one day i will miss having all my books pushed back all the way in the bookcase without the spines lining up neatly, and one day beds won't need making and i'll probably cry and be a mess myself. thank you for the timely reminder of savoring the fleeting moments and loving the messes that show a life well-lived and well-loved. (and i think i'll be making our family rules soon!)

  3. THis is awsome! I need to do this! THANKS!

  4. That was so good Jane. I teared too ... I don't want to be so concerned with controlling the mess that I forget to enjoy the mess-makers. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. We were just talking about this as a family! Thank you for the motivation to make it a reality!

  6. what a great post. thanks for the reminder to enjoy every minute, even the messy ones! i think dan and i will sit down with the kids and form a mission statement. great idea.