29 October 2010

tgiff + more good stuff.

Welcome to Messy Menu week.  
I know you won’t want to make a Messy Meal every day this week, but choose a couple and fill in with Super Soups from two weeks ago and enjoy!

m.    sloppy joes + chips + salad
tue. chicken teriyaki + rice + carrots
wed.  spare ribs + mashed potatoes + peas
thur.  crab legs + salad + baked pears
fri.  tacos + tater tots
sat.  dinner in a pumpkin + apple slices or applesauce
sun.  papa’s spaghetti + salad + hot bread

we're going to try giving a download of the recipes instead of images.
let us know if you like this better.

the dinner in a pumpkin was D.E.L.I.S.H

even thought our pumpkin got a little wrinkly.

tilly had fun putting the lid on and off.



now for some more fun.

chop sticks for the kids!

grab chopsticks {disposable wood ones from the store or take out restaurant work great}, a rubber band and strip of paper.

fold the paper up.

like so.

then, wrap the rubber band around

turn over

and cross

repeating several times

you may need to work with it.




to grub!

have a fun weekend and safe halloween!

xo . jane + rae 

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