25 January 2010

loving layers.

if i told you that i love layers, could you pick me out of this picture?

Pic 1 sunday

that’s me in the front row on the right side wearing a turtleneck, t-shirt, coolots, tights, leg warmers, sneakers and if you look really closely you can see the band aid on my knee.  probably my favorite part of the outfit.  i’m also pretty sure that my mom hid my rainbow colored sweatband the night before so it didn’t make it’s way into this picture.  i was not one to compromise when it came to my outfits and as you can see i loved looking a little eclectic!

i continue to love layers and not just in my wardrobe.  i love the layers in my home that are from older generations such as the copper tea kettle that hangs in tilly’s room.  it belonged to her great, great grandmother who she was named after. 

however, i had never really thought about what was so appealing about layers until i was flipping through a serena and lily catalogue and read this:

“we believe that layers make everything in life more interesting – people, poetry, a wedding cake, a winter bed.  in your home, it’s the layers that give each room character and soul – the unique mix of colors and patterns.  the photographs and treasures collected over time.  the way you choose to put it all together.  sometimes it’s part of a well=devised plan and everything matches perfectly.  other times, it’s pure improvisation and the most spontaneous combinations become your favorites.  either way, it’s about building on what you have, following your instincts and letting things unfold naturally.  just like life.”

and i thought, EXACTLY!  perfectly said.  don’t you agree?  i just love [if i could use that word one more time, lol!] that they included people in their description because it’s SO true.  anyway…  i’m not really sure how to conclude this blog post….   hmmmm….  not very professional of me, but i think i’ll post it anyway…. :)

“i am fearfully and wonderfully made…”  psalm 139:14


  1. Anonymous25.1.10

    Cute picture! Also, thanks for sharing the excerpt. It is really true.


  2. sharae randall25.1.10

    Dig the leg warmers...who would have thought that I would be putting Bailee in them now...apparently all the rage for babies. She has 4 pairs.