13 October 2010

what "fergie" wore, hump day

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy
and we are excited to participate for the first time.

she is also doing a giveaway, so you should stop by her site!

i'm still getting used to this whole blogging thing and discovering that there are two things that would help me stay on schedule:

1.}think ahead 
2.}take advantage of living in the moment 

isn't that a funny combination?  although it makes sense.  probably the most endearing part of a blog is the real life, natural stuff, but it also takes time to construct your thoughts and organize a post.

i had trouble doing both of those things this past week, ha!  so, my mannequin "fergie" will be wearing my digs and my children are watching the disney channel, but i'll have a post by naptime!

here goes....  we'll start with last...

shirt and vest {corduroy}, old navy
jeans {skinny, distressed}, gap

fleece {hand.me.down from a friend moving to australia}, helly hansen
t, target
yoga pants {also a hand.me.down}, no idea where they are from

top, target
sweater {bday gift}, the limited
jeans {skinny, distressed}, gap

{sunday} i could not remember what i wore, but i spent most of the day picking up and working on the computer and then made a yummy dinner for my campers that were returning from lake wenatchee.
i'm guessing i stayed in my pj's until the afternoon and then changed before they arrived home.  what would you wear to greet your family?  the usual, something extra cute, or something grubby so you could help unload all the dirty, smoke infused luggage?

now, on to:

shirt, gap
sweater, old navy
jeans {bootcut}, city of angels from nordstrom rack

t, target
shirt, gap
leggings, target

t, marshall's
flannel pj's {christmas gift}, old navy
socks {hiking}, "borrowed" from my dad's closet last winter

all this focus on wardrobe got me to thinking about a few things and i would LOVE to know what your answers would be.

1. what will you miss most from your summer wardrobe?
{my white skinny jeans}

2. where would you do your shopping a) on a small budget, and b. with a generous budget?
{probably target, but maybe h&m and j. crew}

hope you enjoyed our version of "what i wore wednesday"

loves . rae . vp + mom


  1. i know i should be focused on the outfits, but i can't get past the chalkboard wall. fabulous. :) i'd love to see more of it :)

    i'm glad i'm not the only one who spends more than nighttime in pajama pants :)

    and to answer your questions:
    1. i will miss my peacock-blue skirt from anthropologie. it makes me smile.
    2. on a small budget...i shop my fave places on sale. on a larger budget: loft, anthropologie, garnet hill, boden. :)

  2. rae, you're great. love fergie...made me laugh out loud. and i think what i will miss would be my long flowy skirts that i have WORN out, and i shop wherever i can find cheapies but cuties...charlotte ruse, rue 21, yard sales, etc. ;) have a great day!

  3. Visiting from Pleated Poppy ~ Loving how you did your photos! So creative :). And I'll miss my flip flops from the summer. And shopping on a small budget? Target. Big budget? Probably Nordstrom or Apricot Lane.

  4. So super cute I just adore your outfits!!
    Love how you stage your pics is so fun and super creative!!


    Come check out my Fashion Link Party Weekend Wear every Wednesday!!!

  5. Anonymous13.10.10

    Oh I love it. I feel like maybe I'm not frumpy as I thought....just lifes season kinda determines how much effort I put into "outfit". And turns out lots of us wear target! I like your choices! And I like that you told us what you were wearing what for!!! That made it triple more fun. I have never done WIWW, I
    a) don't have much fun to show
    b) never plan ahead what I'm wearing
    c) feel really weird about taking pictures of myself reflection
    d) does anyone care!?? jeez...

    but I like yours! :)

    what I can't get over are the fonts you used! See this is why I spend time on blogs not fashion. I got font envy. Truly.

    as for clothes.
    thrifty-target/ebay (for tall sizes) and spendy jcrew for sure. Oh the day when I can see an outfit and buy all of it. wow. Chic!

    Ada in Coastal Cali