17 September 2010


welcome to the second installment of
just one more reason why i love fridays!
don't forget we have a free menu + shopping list to download
{located along the right side of the blog}
hope it makes jotting down meals + groceries a little more... cute.

my mom {jane} did our menu this week and it's delish.
can't wait to put the recipes to use next week!

part i
what's for dinner?
M. chicken marsala + brown rice
Tu. meatball sandwiches + french fries + fruit
W. breakfast for dinner – yeah!
Th. meatball soup + applesauce
{using leftovers from tuesday night}
F. apricot glazed chicken
Sa. sausage supper + garlic bread
Su. five hour stew

you can click the images below and print.
you may have to change your printer setting to "landscape" so they print
on a full page.

some pictures from our own "chicken marsala" dinner:

{mmm...  i wish we were having this tonight!}

{pops needed to make sure and give his fave brew a shout out}

{some very meaningful, clearly spoken conversation going on i'm sure}

{not a big fan of peas, but they look delish in a striped red bowl, yeah?}

+ lastly, a quote i read the other day that i wanted to share...

{so true. don't you think?}


part ii

let me introduce you to... a vey good option for breakfast or snack-time on the go!
breakfast in a cookie
i included the recipe with the meals above.

{easy to make, even for lil' helpers}

{scrumptious even before they bake}

the recipe makes a ton.  we stuck half of them in the freezer for the next time
a busy week sneaks up on us!

my little brood of three loves them.  especially tilly, who even after having several, 
still refers to them as "cookies".

if you are interested in their nutritional value:
per 2 cookies - 220 calories . 7g fat . <1g sat. fat . 5g fiber . 127mg sodium . 6g protein
37g carbohydrates . 17g sugar {mostly natural}

have a super weekend y'all!

loves . rae

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  1. Anonymous21.9.10

    These look delicious and super easy! Thanks for posting recipes so cutely for us. It really does add a little fun to a mom's day :)