15 September 2010

fall.ing for it.

some autumn love.
{your favorite thing about the fall?}

and the start of our to do list for the season.
{what is on yours?}

and due to my love for antlers - the greatest picture ever.
{i only wish it was me in the frame.  i would hang it by the hubs bedside for sure}
{have any fun infatuations lately?} 

and the fall fashion that i am saying 
"yes, please!" to...
s o c k s .
for 3 reasons
1. my feet will be happier warm 
2. it's an inexpensive, layer inducing, interest building accessory
3. it reminds me of my childhood.
-which is sadly something my mom would have said-
{what fall fashion are you excited about?}

anything else that you are fall.ing for this fall?

1 comment:

  1. i love cuddling up in my puffy vests with a scarf! almost as good as being wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of coffee!