10 September 2010


thank goodness it's food friday

food friday is here!  and i am excited to announce that it will be joining us every friday.

what is food friday, you ask?
1. a weekly meal plan and {easy to print} recipes.
2. a little inspiration for anything food related. 

why are we doing food friday, you ask?
1. happy tummy = happy brood + husband + anyone else that wanders over to your home.
2. feeding a family is a big task and we want to help you do it with grace + style.  audrey hepburn like.
3. my {rae} week is 75% better when i have a meal plan.  i'm 75% more fun at dinner time when i know what's cookin'.  it will be 75% less torture making the plan if it blesses someone else.

to top it off, we've created a free weekly meal plan and shopping list you can download.  look for the link at the top right side of our blog page.  don't forget to share with your friends. 

y o u   l i k e y ?  
let me know.  or leave a comment.  it would be great to hear some thoughts, ideas + suggestions from our lovely readers.

part uno.

{ h e r e ' s   l e   m e n ú   f o r   l e   w e e k }

M. chicken pockets with grilled veggies + orzo
Tu. tuna salad wraps
W. grilled pizza on {easy} homemade dough
Th. chicken, ham + cheese rollups {my fam went gaga for these}
F. soy glazed flank steak
Sa. mini turkey burger + sweet potato fries
Su. pasta with alfredo sauce + glazed carrots 

recipe cards are at the bottom of this post.

part dos.

now for a couple
after school, after nap, not too filling, super quick, good to chat over
{ S N A C K i e s }
perfect for mixing and matching.

we used vanilla greek yogurt and if your wanted less sugar and more protein "all natural", "organic", "live culture", plain or vanilla yogurt are usually the best options.  if opting for plain yogurt try adding a little honey for some natural sweetness.  

then top your yogurt with granola {homemade recipe below}, grape nuts or other crunchy cereal or diced fruit.

top your favorite brand of english muffin with a delicious sauce 
{bbq, marinara, pizza sauce, alfredo, pesto... for some ideas}
then add grated or sliced cheese and topping{s}
{deli meat, sliced peppers, basil....  or something left over from dinner the night before}
place your prepared english muffins on a baking sheet and place under a low broiler
for 3 to 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.  let cool.  then serve! 

part tres.
{ t h e   r e c i p e s }
just click on the images and then print on a regular sheet of paper.

and happy weekend.

xo . rae . vp + mom . armommy


  1. i love finding new ideas for the table. we try so many things that sometimes we forget about some of the oldies but goodies. we love sweet potato fries and making our own pizza. sometimes we just use flat bread that you find in the baked goods section. i will have to add that to the shopping list.

  2. this is great rae!!!! thank you. i'm going to try this! xoxo meg

  3. Sharae Randall12.9.10

    I love meal plans. I plan 2 weeks at a time and go to the grocery store once (maybe twice for more milk.bread.produce.) But I have a way better day when the list tells me what to make and I don't have to think about it, plus I know all the ingredients await since they were on the shopping list already :-)

  4. oh my gosh, are you kidding me?!?! just kidding....love these! i've got so much to learn...