04 May 2010

m a y R E C I P E S

may recipes

When we first discussed giving me {jane} the responsibility of writing a monthly meal plan for our blog, I was _________.  There is so much to say on the subject of feeding a family.  I have been a life long ‘scratch’ cooker and when the kids were growing up, I was a self taught home economist, so my first thought was to talk about how to be what my mom called thrifty.  Then I thought I should talk about short cuts.  In the end I decided to do what was discussed; a monthly meal plan.

I do want to start with two hints:

Find ten to fifteen recipes that your family likes and you can afford to cook and make those your basic recipes. You can build around them and make them once a month or so. When you find an item on one of those recipes on sale – stock up!

Plan!  It seems as though having a week of meals written down and the shopping list made anshopped for is a big task.  And it is.  It will save you so much time and money in the long run it will be worth it.

The list of recipes we came up with for the month has a little bit of everything and is built around what is in season right now in the grocery stores or local market (I think I just snuck in another hint).

Try it out this month and if you like it {we hope it is a huge blessing to you} come back next month for a list of June recipes!  The link is below:

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