29 April 2010

drum roll please!

the newest edition to A R M O M M Y...

I've been dreaming of making these babies since my amazing mother.in.law, [and collector of all things sentimental],  gifted me a year ago with a roll of ribbon embroidered with my husband's full name.  the spool had belonged to his grandfather whom he was named after.  i immediately fell in love with the history, simplicity and functionality of the coiled ribbon and starting dreaming up ways to make a modern version.  it wasn't long before i had gathered enough resources, materials and ideas but for whatever reason didn't finish this little project...

... Until a few weeks ago when my m.i.l gave me this vintage treasure:  
A beautiful red sweater that was made by my children's great grandmother and worn by their aunties when they were children; and is now being worn by our little Matilda Jane.  

Seeing the ribbon sewn to the sweater  was the last bit of inspiration I needed to finish our clothing labels:
they are up in our shop now.  be on the lookout for new designs and as always, custom orders +/or ideas are always welcomed!

here are the details:

uniforms {school, sports, dance...}
handmade goodies
any item that you don't want lost {on the bus, at camp, school, daycare...}
family used items {towels, blankets, sleeping bags, umbrella's, strollers...}

S I Z E : .75"x2"

Q U A N T I T Y + P R I C E : 25 labels for $18

xo . rae . vp + mom . ARMOMMY . rae@armommy.com

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  1. LOVE this. My mother has kept so many of our things and tagged them all for us to save for our own children. As I go forward with these heirlooms and the ones I create for my own children, these would be wonderful to have. Thanks for such an innovative product!