10 May 2010


i saw the most charming picture of a little girl on a cup of jo this evening, which brought me to our labor of love {which is why 15 minutes of perusing a certain blog can easily lead to 2 hours of viewing many} and the following pictures...  an entire photo session dedicated to lovies and the kids who find them so loveable, cuddle-able,  suck-able, irresistible, comfortable and irreplaceable.

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their pictures are all so endearing and organic, dontcha think?! 

i’ve  also just been inspired to include lovies in pictures instead of yanking them out of the way…   or hmmm, maybe set up a little photo session of my own.  my littles would be happy to pose and the images would look darling hung on their bedroom walls.

sweet dreams . rae . vp +  mom . armommy

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  1. Please tell me more about the skull and cross bones dress... where is it from or who makes the fabric?

    We need this. It is serious!
    Thx :)