19 May 2010

double dutch.

i've been a stay at home mom, a working [outside of the home] mom and a working from home mom.  they all come with their own challenges.  at least that has been my experience.  at the moment, i work from home.  some days [like today] it is seemingly im.poss.ible to get anything more then keep my kids alive and fed, done [hence this midnight post].  wherever i go, there they are.  i'm like a magnet to those cute little munchkins and although it melts my heart most of the time, it drives me nuts the rest of the time.

those are the days that i brainstorm ways to set boundaries or keep them engaged and entertained, yet supervised, long enough to finish an email.  today, i had the best idea.  possibly genius!  what if my entire house was outfitted with these:

dutch doors...

can you tell i'm excited?

so full of character and function i could scream!

i'm guessing it would cost mucho monies to replace all our doors, but it would be so worth it.  i could see and hear all my children while working.  i could even leave projects out without fear of children's footprints, grimy hands or one of them taking off with my needles or scissors.  AND ozzie [9 yo] could build legos without his littles smashing them to bits!

maybe, just maybe, there is a way to make our existing doors dutch...?  it will take some convincing.  ok, begging.  ok, bribing [like a puppy for our family...  see pic above], but maybe yoder [my husband] could figure out a way to get er' done.  what do you say honey?

what do you guys think?

lastly, i would just like to say, i love dutch people right now.  brilliant.

nighty night . rae . vp + mom . armommy  

p.s. ~ most of the pictures are from costal living.


  1. This exact subject has been on my mind. I have had dutch doors on my list of "house must haves" for quite a while now. I la, la, love them!

  2. I feel the same way at the end of some days. You've given me hope. =)

  3. Love it! The idea has crossed my mind for the playroom.... lets get our husbands together to figure it out and get er' done!

  4. Anonymous27.5.10

    We actually did convert an existing door into a dutch door. It was a door to the laundry room. It was awesome...very do-able!

  5. Anonymous14.6.10

    I actually run a large family child care out of my home and I've drooled over dutch doors since they all started walking! How nice to let the big kids play in the play room with the legos while the babes crawl unmolested in the family room!