13 February 2010

pssssst…. pass it on.

a friend of mine shared a “new” way to tie a scarf and i think it’s darling so thought i would pass it on.  although, i am typically a little behind when it comes to this stuff so it could be that what i learned has already been around the block a few times.  so, let me know if this is so last month or a total treat! 

oh, btw, my husband came to lux it studios today with the kids in-tow {ahwww} to take these pics.  he took great snaps, but let’s just say my face did not cooperate!  lol…, so most of them will be cropped.  i know you understand.

first, fold the scarf in half . . .


and put it around your neck . . .


then, take one end and pull it through the loop . . .


after that, pull the bottom side of the loop . . .


then take the remaining end and pull it through . . .


finally, make adjustments as you please. 


the scarf  lays nice and flat and reminds me of a pretzel. 

. . . a new technique to add to your repertoire of scarf tying skills!  my favorite accessory for men, women and kids.  fun and low maintenance.  a good combo.

goodnight lovely peeps! 

xo . rae . vp + mom . armommy 


  1. I totally tried this and LOVED it.

  2. Sharae Randall25.2.10

    ok, i tried it and it worked! But it is sunny and 50 degrees today so in the end I decided i looked silly in a scarf!