23 January 2010

+ j u s t f o r f u n


[doesn’t this picture make you want to jump in puddles and paint your nails a bright color?!]

sunshine or rain [or snow], have fun this weekend!  enjoy.  even in the midst of chores, obligations and little voices saying, “mom, mama, mommy, mom, ma, mom, mama, mama….” while you are in the middle of something.  take a deep breath or let out a little scream [into a pillow if possible] and then remind yourself that they are only in your nest for a little while and you will miss them when they are gone.  oh, and would you like me to tell you the best part?  one day[or probably a sequence of many] all your hard work will pay off!  that deserves an “AMEN!” i think!

++ need something fun to do?  make a vision board.  not just for your children but for you.  share your dreams and goals.  talk about places you want to go and things you want to do.  discover what is in their hearts while sharing what is in yours. ++

be blessed and laugh…  a lot.

picture by shannon sewell photography

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