26 January 2010

meet the littlest friis.

i’ve often wondered why two year olds are considered to be in the “terrible twos”.  in my opinion, [we are raising our third munchkin], two is way easier then one.  this is our one year old, matilda jane:


she does different versions of this all day and is typically pretty pleased with herself.  this morning she figured out a way to open her sippy cup full of milk and dump it all over herself and the floor.  i calmly placed her in her crib so i could grab a wet rag without her spreading the puddle throughout the house.  10 minutes later i returned to her crib to discover that she had removed her diaper and pottied on her bedding ….  seriously?  was that necessary little girl? 

september october 2009 014

she also has a knack for unraveling herself rapidly.  after struggling through getting her dressed and her hair done i’m usually sweating, but it’s not long before she’s pulled her clip out, taken her baby legs, pants, skirt, shoes, socks, etc. off.  and i’m left wondering how such a cutie pie can look like such a rag-a-muffin.

however, i know she is not the only one.  my little brother’s nickname at this age was “the master of disaster” and my niece’s was “hurricane elisabeth”.   since our baby girl was born we’ve called her “waltzing matilda”, but it is quickly being replaced by sticky fingers. 

this too shall pass.  one day soon, i will forget how exhausting this stage is  and want another one.  however, at this moment i’m looking forward to the terrible twos.  

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