14 January 2010

from the mouth of babes.

hallie and nick and armommy 459

do{es} your child{ren} ever say exactly what is on the tip of   Y O U R  tongue?

this evening ozzie handed me his bowl and asked for a refill.  silly me assumed he wanted more mac and cheese and so dished up a good portion.  the result?  total disgust as he gagged, “this was my applesauce bowl!”  it was potentially the end of the world.  my response?  well, my  3 year old beat me to it.  “chil.lax ozzie!”  a common phrase in the friis home {along with "rela.ha.tte” relax + latte}.  terms that are necessary in a home full of fun loving, excitable people.  a non-offensive way to say, “take a chill pill!”.  instead of defensiveness we get giggles.  and thus, the world will continue until the next tragedy.

not a whole lot to take from this story, but hopefully entertaining.

. xo . rae friis . armommy . vp + mom .

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