14 January 2010


i confessed to a friend the other day that i’m a bit of a slacker when it comes to focusing on education in my home.  it’s not how i want to be, it’s just who i am {a bit of a cop-out}.  i’m so drawn to art, music and other creative endeavors that i forget to encourage some of the more logical, necessary and beneficial subjects.  like math for my 9 year old or the alphabet for my 3 year old.  i would much rather put together a puzzle, make up a story or play a board game.  while those are all good things, there is something to be said for some good old fashioned flash cards, pop quizzes, memorization, etc.  i mean, i’ve been using flash cards for as long as i can remember so why not introduce them to my children?  in an effort to do just that i designed the first of a set of flash cards to help teach colors.

flash card example

my thought is to not only make them repetitive and pleasing but also create some converstaion.  thus making them a little more tolerable {and easy} for myself and my little ones.  i’ll let you know how it goes and what the finished product looks like.

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  1. that really is cute!! great idea!