01 October 2010


we're back + gamma jane {as my kids call her} has prepared a scrumptious meal plan for us!

m. classic mac + cheese {with broccoli}
tu. pocket steaks + french fries
w. corny chowder + cheese {with apple slices}
th. lasagna {with salad + hot bread}
f. tuna melts {with leftover corny chowder}
sa. chicken paprika {with baked potatoes + marmalade beets}
su. stove top halibut {with rice + peas}

click on the recipe cards to print or copy and paste them into a document to print.
let me know if you have any trouble and as always, we would love to hear what you think of tgiff.

g o o d . b a d . s u g g e s t i o n s ?

hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  sorry for the delay in posting this...
i am currently vacationing with my husband - somewhere in the united states.
can you guess where we are?  i'll post a picture hint in the morning.

loves . rae

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  1. I am oh, so grateful for these dinner menu cards! Please keep 'em coming! My family LOVED the Paprika Chicken last night and we have lasagna in the oven as I write this! Planning meals used to take me about at least an hour or two on Sunday, flipping around to different recipe sites until I finally found something that I thought everyone would love. Now I just use your plan for the week and I'm so grateful to have that hour back. Keep 'em coming, pretty please! Most gratefully, Amy in Kirkland PS- If you could add a tab on your home page with each week's of menus, that would be super helpful too. Thanks!!!!!!