27 September 2010

weekend over unders.

i've seen a few blogs lately that cleverly paraphrase the writer's weekend.

i think it's cute {like my friend meg} so i'm going to follow suit & see how it goes.


w  e  e  k  e  n  d 
because weekends typically involve {and sometimes revolve around} sports at our house; and because i think it's good to share {in moderation} the good, the bad + the ugly on a blog.  otherwise, things can seem a little too perf.  which sort of annoys me.

so, my overs:

i got to hang with these boys

and these boys at the park + farmer's market on saturday;
while emily took

this girl

and this girl to an all girl birthday party.

i also spent sunday with

this crazy hen
{more on the reason later}
who would probably also like me to share that i put her up to this photo-op.

the season premier of desperate housewives {big fan} was on last night.

i ate pumpkin buckle for the fist time this fall.

my other parents {in-laws} came over for a visit and brought espen a halloween costume that he loves so much that he slept with it and promptly put it on upon waking up. 
{feels good to check that off my list!}

& my unders:

i positively did not get enough sleep + we have an insanely busy week ahead of us.

the laundry has mysteriously piled up out of the closet, where it belongs, and is now trickling down the hall and most of the floors in our upstairs.  including the bathrooms. 
laundry stinks.

WELL, that was fun...  hehe.
but it feels a little weird to end on a blah note. i'll have to think of a remedy for next week.

how about you....  over-unders?

loves . rae


  1. pumpkin buckle!?!?!?! that sounds like a recipe i need!

  2. it is delish jennifer! i'll post pictures and a recipe next week :)