05 October 2010

happy tuesday.

because i was gone for a SUPER four days in l.a., i am SUPER behind on SUPER week,
but we have some {yes, you guessed it} SUPER stuff planned

such as:

+ a SUPER hero mask and vintage cape tutorial
SUPER fast, yummy, healthy, cheap... dinner recipes
SUPER bargains
SUPER printable art {one today}
+ and possibly a couple more SUPER surprises over the weekend.

sounding pretty SUPER?
.     .     .

today, i want to start with a SUPER {i know, you get the idea!} ego boost.  

the job of "mom" is well, a lot of things.  all wrapped into one.  moms have a bazillion job titles and even more skills {problem solving and multitasking to name a few}.  while all moms would probably agree that the payoff of motherhood is far beyond money, have you ever wondered what you would make if you were hired to be a mom?  

according to this article, you would {at the very least} be making $118,000 as a stay.at.home mom.  that only includes payment for 10 of your job titles and does not include any overtime, weekends, holidays or overnight care.  can you imagine what a mother of a newborn would make!?  oh my!

so moms, the next time your job seems monotonous, annoying, exhausting or just completely overwhelming, remember that your market value is very high, you are doing a job that is beyond financial gain and that your children will indeed sing your praises.

to remind you of how wonderful, influential, important and
you are i made you a little something

using a quote by leigh standley of curly girl designs
{she has some pretty amazing sayings that i just recently fell in love with!}

click on the image, then copy and paste it into a document or save it as a picture and then print.  it is made as a 5x7.  if you have trouble or it prints out pixilated, leave a comment with your email address and i'll forward you a print-ready document.

i printed one out and placed it in the windowsill above the kitchen sink.  a place where i'm can often use some encouragement.  where will you be putting yours?
.     .     .

see you tomorrow for more SUPER stuff!

xo . rae . vp + mom . armommy


  1. Could you email me the file? My email is smlowry at hotmail dot com. I'm visiting from jones design company, and I love your blog, too. So many blogs, so little time! :)

  2. I love the quote! I printed it out and put it up in my office at work:)