24 September 2010


not sure about you mamas, but dinner time has been  much more 

enjoyable around our house the last three weeks.

if you have any favorite recipes that you would be willing to share for food friday, 
please send me an email: rae@armommy.com i would love to hear from you.

so, what's for dinner next week?
M . turkey bolognese 
{use leftovers for turkey tomato soup}
Tu. chicken & vegetable curry
W. turkey tomato soup + grilled cheese
{using leftovers from monday}
Th. slow cook greek stuffed peppers
F. cornbread & beef pie
Sa. chicken enchiladas
Su. eggs florentine with spinach + goat cheese

the recipe sheets weren't working out very well, so now i have made individual recipe cards.  you can print them out one at a time or copy, paste and arrange them onto a document together.
let me know if you have trouble!

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now for some table top inspiration
{as seen at my friends wedding}
a bow tie napkin

lay your cloth napkin out flat.
{we use ours almost everyday and as you can see, i don't worry about ironing!}

fold it in half.

and again.

then two thirds of the way over.


and again.  then grab a piece of string, fabric, ribbon or the like.

use it to cinch the middle.

tie a bow {or partial bow} so it's easy for little eaters to untie.

and wallah!  a bow fit for a fancy dinner or mac & cheese.

a great project to keep your children busy while you make dinner.

or let them loose with small pieces of paper and coloring utensil and ask them to create 
name tags.

fun + simple.

happy eating!

and friday.

and weekend.

xo . rae

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