12 August 2010

there is love in the air....

and i blame these two gorgeous love birds, c. hen + drells

they are
{getting hitched . tying the knot . taking the blunge}
tomorrow, and the hubs and i are in the wedding!  {yay}
because i've helped with a couple wedding projects, the festivities 
{starting with the guys golfing this morning}
begin today and 
{by the grace of our loving family} 
we will be without kids for the next 48 hours, i just can't help but be in a romantic mood.

on the off chance that you
{because it's been a long week . things aren't going your way . just plain tired}
have "lost that lovin' feeling" i thought i would share some inspiration.

starting with a quote:

"once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was
a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering."
from . nicole kraus . history of love .

then some pics:

{pics from 100layer cake}
lastly a song:

and a few more lovey dovey songs for good measure:

make you feel my love . adelle
realize . colbie caillat
haven't met you yet . michael buble
you are the best thing . ray lamontagne

what get's you in a loving mood?

know someone that could use a little love today?  
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time to go get ready!  have a love{ly} weekend!

xo . rae . vp + mom

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