16 August 2010

back to school {part uno}

i can hardly believe that it's time for back to school...
but it is.  boo or cheers.  i can't decide how i'm feeling about it.

but i do know that most moms are looking for an accessory that's cute, useful, and brings some peace of mind.  howbout you?

if so, then our i.d. tags are where it's at!  attach them to diaper bags, school bags, library tote, stroller, etc.

choose from our selection below
$15 for 2 . 2.5"x4.25" . 10ml laminate . coordinating ribbon

we are also making the same designs available on aluminum water bottles!
{i am beyond excited about this!}

{excuse the bad pic with taped on design.  your order will be printed directly on the bottle}

the perfect accessory for busy {and thirsty!} kids or those prone to leaving water bottles behind.

durable aluminum .  24 ounces . $24 $20 for a limited time . $18 each additional

please email me orders, ideas, requests at rae@armommy.com 

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

don't see what your are looking for?  email me specific requests, ideas, custom designs?

until next time, sweet dreams armommies!

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