12 December 2010

christmas time is nothing short of a whirlwind experience.  
places to go, people to see, presents to buy, charities to support, neighbors to greet, halls to deck, children to decorate....  errrr, i mean cookies to decorate with children, school parties, office parties, family get togethers, gift exchanges, secret santa's, santa pictures, and so on.  while i seem to be able to budget some extra money so my kids have something cute to wear to all the christmas happenings, i tend to be in some sort of a spending coma by the time it occurs to me that,
"i have no.thing to wear!"  sound familiar?

so, this year, instead of heading out to target to see if i can pull together an outfit for $20, i thought it might be fun to experiment with some wardrobe staples.  you game!?  hehe.

anywho, with the help of kendra {my friend, neighbor and the model in these pictures} who also happens to be a stylist, we concocted these blissful digs.

ENJOY....  and let us know what you think!

xoxo . rae . vp + mom

ps - kendra, thank you doll face.  as always, this was fun! 


  1. Anonymous13.12.10

    Thanks!! I love all the outfits!! Soo stylish!!

  2. Very cute Rae!! Love pencil skirts!

  3. soooo darling! you've done it again! u rock girls!!

  4. Anonymous13.12.10

    You gave me inspiration!! I just love your style!!

  5. Rachel13.12.10

    You gave me inspiration!! I just love your style!!

  6. what a fun post rae! props to kendra! as always you look fabulous!

  7. rachel16.12.10

    the model is fabulous and love the post!!

  8. oooh. I love the second one.
    especially the yellow scarf and the belt.