08 November 2010

tgiff {on monday}

excuse the delay!

the scheduled posting did not do it's job and post on friday.

or it is quite possible that i scheduled it to post on november 5th 2111!

anywho, here are the dishes we love for this week:

m. beef with ravioli dumplings + crunchy bread
tu. pork and pepper stew + cabbage and apple salad
w. classic meatloaf + baked potatoes + carrots
th. tuna and potato toss + english muffins + salad
fr . panini sandwiches + sweet potato fries
sa . drelly’s simple {and delish} enchiladas
su . steak with spinach couscous

you can download the list and recipes here...

last friday, we made and brought some of the ravioli dish to our friends {patrick and meredith} 
who are new parents to a beautiful, incredibly alert, baby boy!  it was a big hit.

we also made drelly's delish ladas last night to share with our neighbors while we played "farkle"
{a fun game of numbers, dice and chances where you get to say things like, "shoot, i farkled!"}
i highly recommend trying it...  the game and the ladas!

happy monday lovelies!

xo . rae


  1. Um...I love this! I just started blogging and I started posting my menus on Sunday nights. I thought it was pretty clever and wondered why no one did the same. So COOL that you do it.

    ps...your menu looks way cooler.

  2. rachel22.11.10

    Yummy menu!! I cannot wait to try some recipes.