05 August 2010


this summer has been crazy, exciting, so fun, a little ridiculous, wonderful, more fun, and then some, all rapped up in one.  on top of being busy with family and friends, we've been busy with orders {praise God} and making some changes, plans and new designs.  if you are around sumner on friday or saturday, stop by the arts festival on main street.  here are the deets.  we'll be in lux it studios {1018 main street} along with other vendors and tons of fun things to do outside.  our smibs, snack bags, empire tanks and possibly more will be marked down....  :)  come say "hi!".  would love to see your pretty faces!

{ i n   o t h e r   n e w s }

my middle turned 4 two saturdays ago, and even though i gave birth to him, love celebrating birthdays and had it marked on my calendar, i completely neglected to plan a party for him.  bad mom.  so i sent a quick facebook message to a couple of his good buds moms and our family for a party just one week later and hoped that at least a few people would be able to make it.  luckily everything fell into place and because ARMOMMY had a booth at an event the night before, we had lots of great props to decorate with.  {thanks stacy!}.  after waking up at 4:50am to run to winco the morning of, this is how it turned out...

as an alternative to plastic cups, i grabbed some small mason jars and asked the hubs to drill holes in the lids big enough for straws.  super fun, yeah?

i was sauced at the end of the day...  actually it had been a long week, but espen thought it was, "the cutest party ever!", and that was all i needed to hear.

happy bday spenny!

xo . rae . vp + mom . armommy

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  1. love the mason sippers. Genius.
    And we all delay in planning a few times/each kid. You totally pulled it off :)