04 February 2010


  remember this invitation?  i shared it a couple weeks ago and mentioned that i would fill you in on my friend's shower details once the party was over.

so here goes!


guess how many of these i ate?

cute decorations 
{follow the directions from this post but cut a sheet of paper into 11 - 1" pieces.} 

goodies for the guests. 

goodies for the baby.

the adorable mom to be.

and the wonderful ladies that came out to shower emily!

it was so much fun and mama was blessed.

on another note, can i make a confession? 

 i have never really enjoyed baby showers. or mom and me play groups.  considering my business and passions you may gasp at that.  others may be in complete agreement.  they have always seemed a little forced and stuffy and socially awkward.  i'm not exactly sure what it is.  the games {hillary, just in case you read this blog, your games always totally rock!}, the mixture of people, or the fact that i can be pretty bad at starting conversation and am really good at getting tongue tied or saying something completely stupid...?  whatever it may have been God has been changing my heart.  i absolutely could not wait to attend this beautiful shower.  i soaked up every moment of it while i was there and was the last one to leave {sorry kc}.  i was free to enjoy the beautiful company that surrounded me, to celebrate my precious friend and her baby and was simply happy just to be me.  a very welcome change.  

xo . rae . vp + mom . armommy . rae@armommy.com

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  1. Sharae Randall4.2.10

    Rae, the photos in your posts are just so GREAT! Do you take them? They always make everything you post look amazing!