21 January 2010

at the heart of ARMOMMY.

Untitled-45i was recently given the opportunity to write about our company.  typically this means writing about our strategies, goals and predictions.  {yuk!} because numbers and graphs make my head hurt i would not ordinarily consider this task to be an opportunity, but more like having my teeth pulled.  however, this instance required that i write about our heart, dreams and hopes.    therefore, i was absolutely  thrilled to be able to share with someone what truly matters to us. 

i have included some excerpts from my assignment below…

I am in love and devoted to my Lord and Savior, my husband of 4 years, {Johan}, and three children {Austin 9, Espen 3, Matilda 1}. I am also a friend, daughter, sister, Sunday school teacher, small group leader, classroom volunteer, stay at home, working parent and business owner. I find great joy in all things beautiful {and sweet}, creating, designing,  journaling, watching and participating in sports, singing {when no one can hear me} and adventuring. I am a big dreamer who trusts in God’s plan for my life and strives to live fully in the moment.

At 20 years of age, while playing soccer and attending Washington State University, I became pregnant. Life changed drastically for me. The years that followed were lonely and difficult, but through faith I raised my darling boy alone, while working several part time jobs and completing school.

As a result of this experience, God has gifted me with a heart for moms. At first I believed it was just for single moms, but as I have searched and prayed, there was no doubt that my heart is for all moms {working, single, stay at home, …}. I love them. I want to encourage, equip, and empower them to realize their significance. I want moms to be able to choose joy, laughter, dancing, beauty and simplicity over the ugly alternatives. I want moms to be lifted up to be able to live the best life possible , regardless of circumstances.

This is the core of ARMOMMY. This is the heart of its owner. This is a lifestyle company.

{i went on to talk about future dreams, ideas for products and various endeavors and then concluded by saying simply,}

ARMOMMY is us: our company, our dream. ARMOMMY gives us purpose, joy, and hope. ARMOMMY is how we use our talents for God’s glory and love people to His Kingdom. It is a journey and adventure we are blessed to be on.

i am not equipped or able to do these things on my own.  i make more mistakes then i care to admit.  however, i have a God that is more then able to use me, imperfections and all.  i am thankful for the friends that just this  morning reminded me of that truth.  God does not ask us to be perfect, just willing.  be encouraged darling friends, that He is more then enough, more then able,  and incredibly patient….  i should know.

xo :: rae :: vp + mom :: armommy

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  1. Love what you wrote, the things you create and those pictures above!