28 December 2009

be mine.

with the end of christmas, it has been brought to my attention that valentine’s day is on the horizon.  so, i’ve begun designing some small valentine note cards, round stickers and candy bar wrappers.  here’s a peek.  more to come soon.

red plaid:: red plaid candy bar wrapper ::

xoxo, rae

09 December 2009

friis fam

because i am more awake tonight at 10:30 then i have been all day, here is a peek at our christmas card this year.  i really should be doing my bible study….

friis christmas 2009 front…front…

friis christmas 2009 inside


sweet dreams.

beautiful clients

some fun new designs thanks to my charming clients.  their pictures and personal styles are very inspiring and make my job a joy.

clara 1

… gorgeous … and family …

geller 09 final proof

… a proud big brother, so cute!…

kelly family proof 1

…i love the photo booth pictures in this card… 

ready 2

…and of course these festive pictures taken by my friend stacy, of my neighbor and friend’s little girl,  and card designed by my other friend and neighbor katy… now that is what you call a group effort…!

i love christmas time.

03 December 2009

the tote.

about a month ago at matilda’s birthday party i gave away these totes as a party favor using each child’s initial.tote bag examplesince then i have had a few people i know place orders, so i figured why not make them available to everyone?  it can be very challenging finding something personal and functional to give during the holidays and this tote meets all of those requirements.

it is great for children & adults, the library, reusable shopping bag [small purchases], to fill with activities for road trips, overnight bag, holding projects, and so much more.

bags measure about 14x14'” and are made out of a canvas material.

:they can be customized using the following monograms::

tote monograms 

::and these typefaces::


for $15  $12 each.

please email me your order at rae@armommy.com

if you are interested in learning how to make these totes on your own, you may also email me.

*** happy shopping ***

02 December 2009

diy paper ornaments.

i’m so not ready for november to be over, but at the same time i have been chomping at the bit to dig into my christmas decorations.  like many of you i didn’t waste anytime.  the two days after thanksgiving, my house looked like someone puked red & green, pine needles and glitter.  it was quite the mess.  but after we had stayed up late saturday night drinking hot cocoa and decorating the christmas tree, i looked at the final product and was a bit disappointed.  it didn’t look finished, but we were out of ornaments to hang.  hmmm.    well, this time last year matilda was one month old and i was getting very little sleep, so there is no saying what happened to the missing items.  it is very possible that i went on a purging spree, or it could be that they are lost in the black hole that is our attic.  however, knowing that we could stumble upon our old stuff at any moment, i decided not to run out to target to replace them, but instead found a fun little project to do with the kids.

…paper lantern ornaments…


i took the boys to ben franklin to pick out some of there very own scrap booking paper and then picked out some of the scraps i have laying around my office.  they look adorable on the tree giving it a homespun feeling and i’m guessing it would look great as a garland and adorable strung in a child’s room or playroom.

…here is how you diy…

1.  cut 10 strips of paper 4” long and 1/2” wide

2.  use a round punch to create holes at the top and bottom of each strip

3.  stack strips together and attach brad through the top and ottom holes

4.  gently bend strips into a C shape and fan them out, creating a ball shape

5.  attach string around top brad for hanging

6.  tie ribbon at tip [optional]

[note: to make larger ornaments, you will need to use more strips of paper]

…have fun!…

01 December 2009

christmas arrivals.

if you have yet to find the P E R F E C T  greeting card for the holidays, then today is your lucky day!  all of our cards are customizable and our design team is eager to help by making adjustments to fonts, colors and sentiments.  [a selection of fonts and motifs can be found in the blog entry below]

all cards are $1.50 each and can be printed on flat or textured card stock.

+ $.50 each to add a coordinating border/backing.  envelopes are included.

$20 to purchase your design and you can print on your own.

a proof will be sent via email for your approval prior to printing.  we ask for 5 days to fill orders.

email rae@armommy.com with orders or inquiries.

*** e n j o y ***

be-merry-accordian greeting card no.1 [accordion fold]

blue-argylegreeting card no. 2 [5x7]

glad-tidings-treegreeting card no. 3  [5x7]

 merry&bright-ylw-candy-canegreeting card no. 4 [5x7]

joyeux-noelgreeting card no. 5  [5x7]

 letter seals 1greeting card no. 6 [5x7]    

letter seals 2 greeting card no. 7 [5x7]

letter seals 3 greeting card no. 8 [5x7]

letter seals 4 greeting card no. 9 [5x7]

letter seals 5             greeting card no. 10 [5x7]

merry christmas grn blk swirlsgreeting card no. 11 [5x7]


thanks for looking through our collection!  if you don’t see anything you like, send us an email and let us know…   we welcome custom orders. 


*** m e r r y   c h r i s t m a s ***