02 December 2009

diy paper ornaments.

i’m so not ready for november to be over, but at the same time i have been chomping at the bit to dig into my christmas decorations.  like many of you i didn’t waste anytime.  the two days after thanksgiving, my house looked like someone puked red & green, pine needles and glitter.  it was quite the mess.  but after we had stayed up late saturday night drinking hot cocoa and decorating the christmas tree, i looked at the final product and was a bit disappointed.  it didn’t look finished, but we were out of ornaments to hang.  hmmm.    well, this time last year matilda was one month old and i was getting very little sleep, so there is no saying what happened to the missing items.  it is very possible that i went on a purging spree, or it could be that they are lost in the black hole that is our attic.  however, knowing that we could stumble upon our old stuff at any moment, i decided not to run out to target to replace them, but instead found a fun little project to do with the kids.

…paper lantern ornaments…


i took the boys to ben franklin to pick out some of there very own scrap booking paper and then picked out some of the scraps i have laying around my office.  they look adorable on the tree giving it a homespun feeling and i’m guessing it would look great as a garland and adorable strung in a child’s room or playroom.

…here is how you diy…

1.  cut 10 strips of paper 4” long and 1/2” wide

2.  use a round punch to create holes at the top and bottom of each strip

3.  stack strips together and attach brad through the top and ottom holes

4.  gently bend strips into a C shape and fan them out, creating a ball shape

5.  attach string around top brad for hanging

6.  tie ribbon at tip [optional]

[note: to make larger ornaments, you will need to use more strips of paper]

…have fun!…


  1. Thank you for posting my picture of the lantern ornaments! :) They really are a lot of fun to make, aren't they?! Here is a link to the full tutorial with pictures: http://thecreativeplace.blogspot.com/2009/10/tuesday-tutorial-paper-lantern.html

  2. I made a pumpkin for my sons homework last week using an idea for these and loved it so much i went and made another one. Now i hope to make some more for Christmas :)