08 November 2009

lights . camera . action

below is the anxiously awaited ARMOMMY video.... the blockbuster hit of the holiday season.... well at least in our way of thinking!

before you grab your goodies and settle in for this charming, thought provoking, 3 minute love story, i would just like to say a few words:

mark of august island pictures; you did a phenomenal job filming, editing and blessing us with your time and talents. emily of jones design company, i did not even know that i was creative until i spent time with you. thank you for sharing your home, ideas, friendship and encouragement. to ALL of my friends and family who's darlings i have borrowed; thank you for not charging me and for your willingness to help [and for making such cute kids!]. to kames and jaty, for creating our web site, putting up with me and being devoted friends. thank you to my mom, aka jane, aka the president of ARMOMMY. i don't know what it was that convinced you to go into business with me. i can only assume it's a God thang. thank you for putting a lot on the line, for your time, energy, creativity, believing in me, supporting me, sharing your wisdom and picking up the phone when i call. [seriously, i know this is getting ridiculous, and is totally uncalled for, but bear with me.] thanks to my family, friends and children who have sacrificed, helped, humored and cheered me on. to my yodaler [aka my husband] for being the true definition of a partner, for putting up with me and for simply saying, "yes, i know you can do it" when i rattle off a seemingly outrageous and unreasonable vision that i have for our life and the company. Lastly to my Lord and Savior, the ultimate designer, creator and idea maker; thank you for crossing my paths with these lovely people, for giving me a platform to share your love, for forgiving me and for never leaving my side. may it be for Your Glory.

ok, now you can E N J O Y !

ps - thank you to all the people i forgot. xo

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