24 September 2009

totally fly.lady


i love love love having a sparkling home.  bathrooms that smell good, floors + furniture that shine, clean linens, a controlled amount of clutter….  oh, i’m smitten.  however, with three children a husband and a bustling social life, housework is endless and actually having a  perpetually clean home would only be the result of perpetually cleaning the house!  unfortunately for my love affair, my time with my children, husband, work & hobbies are too important.  so, my home get’s neglected and i get frustrated & cranky. 

lucky for me {and those of you like me}, there are some smart, organized people out there that heard my {our} cry for help and created a web site called flylady.net.  the concepts for managing the home are easy, quick and straight to the point.  she has routines, zones, monthly habits and is constantly reminding you to hydrate {which i get a kick out of}.

if you feel you spend too much time cleaning your home, or you wish you had more time to do so, i urge you to visit the site, look around and sign up….  let’s be fly ladies together!

home blessings from,

rae . ARMOMMY . vp +mom

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