27 October 2009


babies’ curiosity about doors, or a friendly chasing game between bigger children can have painful consequences.  protect those precious fingers from getting slammed or keep doors open for ease of supervision with our clever door bumper.
the bumper is tied to knobs on either side of the door and fits snug against the latch.
perfect treat for your home or a friend!  purchase some now for $9 each in the following fabric patterns…
daisy chain
blue lattice
red lattice
E60-1162-GOLDlovely birds
use the paypal button below to purchase or send an email to rae@armommy.com.  specify which fabric{s} you would like and any ribbon preferences {or we will choose a coordinating ribbon}.

enjoy dear friends!
rae friis . vp + mom . ARMOMMY

14 October 2009

p l a c e . m a t s

Want to teach your little ones to set the table {without saying a word}?
They will be SO proud of their acheivement and what mom doesn't want a little extra help!?
OR simply want to add some fun and excitement to your meal or craft time? 

our place mats are the perfect solution view our collection below.....

All of our place mats are professionally laminated {very thick} and are 12x18".
Colors can be changed on the place mats below. 
If you don't see anything that you like, please send us your ideas and inspiration
and we will be happy to come up with a custom design.
Cost . $18  $15 for the month of September.
Purchases can be made at the bottom of this post using paypal,
or you can email me: rae@armommy.com 
your order and I can invoice you personally!
girl silhouette {$25 additional charge to create your child's silhouette from a picture}
boy silhouette {$25 additional charge to create your child's silhouette from a picture}
boy multi-dot

girl multi-dot

boy "eat your peas"

girl "eat your peas"

boy scallop
girl scallop

boy multi-stripe

girl multi-stripe

yellow + navy cloud

pink + navy cloud

boy - d is for dinner

girl - d is for dinner

strawberry plaid

gingham cupcake

fortune cookie plaid

sailboat stripe

please include the description of the place mat you would like to purchase along with the name{s} or monograms you would like to use and your email address.  you may also email me your order and specifications at:

you will have an opportunity to view a proof so you know exactly what you are getting!
thank you for shopping ARMOMMY.

S I G N A T U R E collection

{designed by you}

i’m thrilled to be introducing this collection because it gives you, as the stylist, so much creative control!  you know what your children, family and friends love so why not surprise them with  something that reflects their charm and character.

choose from our … BACKGROUNDpatterns, TYPEface or monograms, + MOTIF … to create your one.of.a.kind stationery.

all of our stationery is printed on beautiful textured card stock.
p r o d u c t s  available in this collection? 

… note cards {3.5x5” side or top fold} 8 for $12, 16 for $24 and so-on. 

… calling cards {standard 2x3.5” or 3x3” }.   great for everyone including children and moms.  12 for $6, 24 for $12 and so-on.

… laminated i.d. tags {2.25x3.75”}.  great for school bags, lunch bags, library bags, diaper bags, strollers, duffle bags and luggage.  $8 each or 3 for $20

… invitations and announcements {4.25x5.5”, 5x7”, 5.5x5.5”, 9.25x4”}.  prices starting at $1.50 each. 



MOTIF {please note that not all motifs work with background patterns}

as always….  if you don’t see something that fit’s what you are looking for, we welcome custom orders!

email comments, questions or orders to rae@armommy.com

love from the ARMOMMY team…  rae, jane + jana.

S I G N A T U R E examples

want to know what you could create using our background patterns, typefaces &  motifs?   see our examples below….

argyle background + no. 3 typeface + silhouette motif =

argyle silhouette example

note:  it doesn’t get anymore personal then a silhouette!  there is an extra one time fee of $25 to create the silhouette from a picture.  perfect to use on a note card, invite, id tag, place mat, calling card, etc.

no. 7&8 typeface + no. 5 motif =

family note card example

white dot background + no. 11&5 typeface =

white dot monogram example

small dot background + no. 5 font + custom motifs =

invitation example

wide stripe background + no. 7&15 typeface + no. 4 motif =

stripe motif example

so many choices = totally adorable!

view the collection below or at


. ciao to our designing peeps.

xoxo . ARMOMMY

07 October 2009


how many times have i said these words to my children? i’m not sure what it is about the door, but it is just so irresistible to those little hands. which is precisely why i don’t want them slammed … they love little fingers! so, to avoid all finger injuries, my dear friend gifted me with her new creation:
TH E   D O O R   B U M P E R.
IMG_9499 IMG_9484 IMG_9486 IMG_9488 IMG_9490 IMG_9494
at my university, we had a ‘shoe-in-the-door’ policy. when there was a friend of the opposite sex in your dorm room, a shoe should be placed in the doorway as a sign to others walking the halls and for accountability {what exactly would you do if the door was open for all to hear/see? probably not much}. 
IMG_9495 IMG_9496
while i’m not exactly worried about the dating practices of my four-year-old, i certainly do like being able to hear what’s going on in his room.
perhaps you do too? these door bumpers will be introduced soon by ARMOMMY.COM {i’m just the lucky prototype girl}.


06 October 2009


over the weekend, my oldest son and a couple of his buddies asked me for two tin cans and a long piece of string to make – yes you guessed it – one of those good old fashioned telephones.  with a little help nailing a hole and threading the string, they were off to the backyard partaking in long distance conversations, thrilled about what they were able to make. september october 2009 090 this got me to thinking about the toys and games in our home and the ones that my children enjoy the most.  i find it encouraging and refreshing that in a world filled with electronic, noise making, unimaginative  toys, it is the simple games and toys that have stood the test of time that draw my children in the most.  so i have challenged myself to create a list of good old-fashioned activities {if just from my own childhood} that we sometimes play, and others that we have yet to discover.   
1. tabletop football.  this is a family fave.  we play this often while eating out as long as the kids can keep their field goal kicks under control.  all you need are your fingers and a paper napkin or paper kid’s menu.  to learn how to play visit http://www.paperfootballzone.com/home.html
2.  tic.tac.toe.
3.  i spy.
4.  challenge your children to hang a spoon from their nose.  this may contradict the table manners you try to instill, so see if it will keep them busy at the counter while you are making dinner.
5.  make puppets {out of socks, brown paper bags, shadows or let them draw one on their hand using the thumb and pointer finger}.
6.  make paper airplanes.  whose goes the farthest?  whose is decorated the best?  whose can do a loopty loop?
7.  try dropping clothes pins in a milk bottle {or something similar}. 
8.  cats cradle.
9.  chopsticks {the hand tapping game}.  learn to play here: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Chopsticks
10.  make fart noises with your arm pits {sorry….  i had to throw this one in here.  you may not want them to share their new talent with everyone, but you can’t deny how funny it is!}.
11.  speak pig latin.
12.  scavenger hunt.  you don’t have to write out clues and have an elaborate ending point.  grab 3 or 4 of their toys and hide them throughout the house.  then send the kids on a hunt to find them.
13.  rock . paper . scissors.
14.  write a letter and mail it.
15.  kick the can.  find instructions here:  http://www.ehow.com/how_309_play-kick-can.html
16.  thumb wrestle.
17.  shaving cream fight {outside of course and preferably when it’s hot enough to hose off}.  i played this all the time growing up in chicago.
18.   play mash {mansion, apartment, shack, house…}.  find explanation here: http://www.swingsetpress.com/playmash.htm
19.  try to balance the salt shaker.
20.  see who can keep a straight face the longest.
21.  make a daisy chain.
22.  make a friendship bracelet.
23.  make a paper fortune teller.  learn how here: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/origami/fortuneteller don’t like “fortune” stuff – fill the inside with Scripture.
24.   jacks.  learn how to play here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2964_play-jacks.html
25.  pick up sticks.  learn how to play here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2051017_play-pick-up-sticks.html
26.  marbles.  learn to play here: http://www.ehow.com/how_3999_play-marbles.html
27.  hangman….  as politically incorrect as it is, it’s still a lot of fun.
that’s good enough for now.
comment and let me know if you have any ideas to add!
:: Rae, v.p. + mom, ARMOMMY